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Alan Cutler

Alan Cutler, USPTA Master Professional and RPT Master Professional, is the General Manager for Playtennisforlife.info in Whittier, Ca. He is the founder of Playtennisforlife.info.  Alan was named:

2006 USPTA California Division Presidents award winner

2005 USPTA California Division Professional of the year 

2004 USPTA California Division Administrator of the year

2002-4 USPTA top Career Develoment award winner, 3 straight years

2002 USPTA Industy Excellence award winner in 2002

2000 USPTA California District Pro of the year in 2000. 

He is one of the only Duel Master Professionals (USPTA and RPT) that hold 2 specialist degrees, Computer and Competitive Player. He taught tennis is municipalities, leased facilities, resorts, and HOA's and has held many levels of positions from teaching professional to general manager.  Alan also worked for Rio Hondo college for 37 years and retired from the college as a Senior Data Base/Senior Security Administrator.

He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from Columbia.

Alan has had many articles published in international, national, and regional magazines, and has been a speaker at regional, national and international conferences.

He has been a USPTA California division officer for more than 8 years including being the president. He also is the Co-chair of the USPTA national education and testing and certification committees as well as many regional ones. Alan is a vice president on the USPTA National Board of Directors.

Currently sponsored by Wilson and Nike.

A third generation tennis player, Alan began playing tennis at age 5 and has played in hundreds of competitive situations. He started teaching at 16, and became a teaching professional “because I wanted to share my love of tennis with my students.” He enjoys working with all levels of students, runs a USPTA Little Tennis program and holds private and group lessons.

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Alan is located in Southern California. 

For more information on fees, locations and dates contact Alan.

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